守信复合材料  简介


Shouxin Composite Material Technology Industrial co., Ltd was established in 2003. The headquarters is located in Changchun city Jilin province which called “Spring City in Northern China” & “Oriental Detroit”.Shouxin Composite Material is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, design, production, sales and service of advanced composite materials. The company has very strong strength, the total registered capital is 120 million yuan, the total assets is nearly 1 billion 600 million yuan, more than 500 employees, the total area is 320 thousand square meters.


Shouxin Composite Material Group has 4 branch companies: Jilin Shouxin Industrial co., Ltd、Jilin Shouxin Automotive Parts co., Ltd、Fujian Shouxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd、Sichuan Chengdu Shouxin Composite Material co., Ltd & Jilin Boxin Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. The main products cover the following fields: new energy automotive parts, automotive panels, advanced basalt composites , carbon fiber products, Interior and exterior decoration parts of rail train,Yacht&boat, engineering and agricultural machinery coverings, water and electric power fittings.The main molding process of the product includes PCM molding, compression molding, autoclave molding, large parts roll coating molding, RTM process, vacuum infusion process and other advanced domestic and foreign production processes. 6.The products have the advantages of high dimensional precision, excellent strength index and long service life, and are sold at home and abroad.

历经近二十年的潜心发展,守信以精立业,以质取胜,集聚多年的经验沉淀和技术实力提升,已经从量变向追求质变突破。公司利用现代化的管理体制,不断完善优化内部管理流程,先后通过了德国总部AUDI的质量认可证书,ISO9002质量管理体系认证和IATF16949 2016:2002国际质量体系认证,现已成为三体系认证贯标企业。公司高度重视技术创新,在不断完善业务领域布局的同时,逐年加大产品研发投入,引进并培育了一批专业的复合材料技术人才,取得了丰硕的科研成果,产品获得专利已达4项,为企业的长远发展提供了源动力。守信复材凭借着开创性的战略思维、专业的管理团队、雄厚的专业技术和及时的交付能力已成为中国复合材料产业的知名品牌。

With 20 years developing with great concentration, Shouxin Composite Material is concentrate on industry, to win by quality after years of accumulation of experience and improvement of technical strength. From quantitative change to pursuit of qualitative change, The Company make full use of modern management system to improve and optimize the internal management process. It has passed the quality accreditation certificate of AUDI in German headquarters, ISO9002 quality management system certification and IATF16949 2016:2002 international quality system certification. Now it has become the three system certification enterprise. The company attaches great importance to technological innovation, while improving the layout of the business field, increasing the investment in product research and development year by year. A number of professional talents of composite materials have been introduced and cultivated, and great achievements have been achieved. The patent of the product has reached 4 items, which provides the source power for the long-term development of the enterprise. Shouxin Composite Material has become a well-known brand in China's composite materials industry through its pioneering strategic thinking, professional management team, strong professional skills and timely delivery capabilities.


In the new century, the world is developing and Shouxin Composite Material is in progress. We will continue to adhere to the “thinking of the customers, service for the customers”, Providing high quality products and services for the new and old customers! Shouxin Composite Material sincerely look forward to your visit and cooperation!


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